Sirius is now commercial-free and nationwide

| 7/2/2002

Music lovin' Sirius subscribers all over the country can now receive commercial-free music coast-to-coast, featuring everything from classic rock, rap hits and symphonic selections, to smooth jazz, disco and even bluegrass.

On July 1, Sirius Satellite Radio announced its 100-channel service of 60 commercial-free music channels and 40 news, sports and entertainment channels is now available across the continental United States.

"Today is the birth of the nation's premier satellite radio provider," said Joseph P. Clayton, President and CEO, Sirius Satellite Radio. "Sirius invented the concept of satellite radio and is now delivering the reality, with 100 percent commercial-free music that's available across the country and hundreds of miles off the coasts."

For $12.95 per month, listeners can now receive clutter-free music in multiple genres that include 11 rock, eight pop, six country and seven jazz categories, along with reggae, blues, gospel, Latin hits and others, as well as non-music channels that include CNBC, Fox News, CNN, NPR, BBC, Radio Disney, La Red Hispana, Discovery Radio and E! Entertainment Radio.