FMCSA's security role unclear

| 6/28/2002

Las Vegas -- Julie Cirillo, chief safety officer, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), said the agency's role to improve security in the trucking industry is unclear due to the pending reorganization of the Office of Homeland Security.

"After September 11, we assumed a security responsibility in addition to a safety responsibility," said Cirillo, who spoke at the International Truck Show in Las Vegas June 27. "The Transportation Security Administration was to assume responsibility for security, but in view of the reorganization plan, I'm not sure if FMCSA will continue to be responsible for security."

Cirillo said FMCSA met with carriers across the country immediately after the attacks. The agency found 250 instances where "things weren't what they should have been," Cirillo said, and 180 of those instances were reported to the FBI.

Cirillo also said the FMCSA is in the process of establishing security criteria for shippers, including measures to monitor shipments. However, she was not optimistic about the proposal's outcome. "The last time we tried this we got shot down by the shipping lobby," Cirillo said. "They are omnipresent in Washington, DC."
-- Dick Larsen, senior editor