New Jersey truck renewal available online

| 6/24/2002

New Jersey Motor Vehicle Services has announced it is now offering online truck registration renewal under the International Registration Plan (IRP).

"This is a step in the right direction, providing greatly improved service at a reasonable cost," NJDOT Commissioner Jamie Fox said in a released statement. "Truck owners now have the option of not taking their valuable time to drive to Trenton to renew their registrations."

Previously, New Jersey-based IRP vehicle owners were required to drive to Trenton for their renewals or go through a four-step process by mail. Now, vehicle owners can visit and click on the "IRP" plate to start the renewal process. When completed, they may either pay by credit card, for which there is a small fee, or calculate and print out their bills from the site and pay by mail.

IRP vehicle owners who do not want to use the online service can still obtain forms from the web site. Renewal credentials are mailed within seven days of the state's receipt of payment.