DAC/AMS debut web-based screening system

| 6/21/2002

Consulting firm American Management Systems (AMS) and partner DAC Services have developed an electronic identity authentication system for the transportation industry to be used during pre-employment screening procedures.

DAC, a provider of employment screening, will provide AMS's electronic identity authentication service, Identicate, in conjunction with its background and pre-employment screening data.

The combined products will authenticate identity using both credit bureau-derived questions as well as industry-specific information from DAC's proprietary databases, the companies said. The new service will allow transportation companies to pre-screen applicants and employees, detect fraud, and verify an applicant's identity.

Fairfax, VA-based AMS added that Identicate is an Internet-based service that analyzes the authenticity of applicants' responses to personal questions that include home address, Social Security number, and telephone numbers. The sources of Identicate's data are providers of fraud-prevention and consumer data and services, AMS said.