Under suspicion: Foreign driver hauling hazmat detained

| 6/18/2002

A Senegalese man driving for Werner Enterprises has been accused of carrying false documents and a training manual for transporting hazardous materials. He will remain jailed until a hearing scheduled for Tuesday.

The man, who identified himself as Papa Mamour Keita, was arrested by the FBI in Atlanta last week and charged with fraudulently obtaining a Social Security number. He also was found to have two fake Georgia CDLs.

In February, Werner reportedly hired Keita after completing truckdriving school. Keita alleges that in April, Werner sent him to a school in Arizona to learn how to transport hazardous materials.

Hazmat haulers have come under increased scrutiny since September 11. Homeland security officials have expressed concern that terrorists could use a truck hauling fuel or other hazmat as a weapon of mass destruction.

On April 26, Keita was detained in El Paso, TX, by the Immigration and Naturalization Service after a border patrol agent noted he had improper immigration documents. The FBI arrested Keita after he was released from an INS detention center because of overcrowding.