Your trucking tax dollars at work

| 6/17/2002

NASCAR's Dale Jarrett has new series of public service announcements funded through truck registration fees. Jarrett, 1999 Winston Cup Champion and driver of the #88 UPS Ford Taurus, is featured in a new series of public service announcements (PSAs) produced by the Michigan Center for Truck Safety (MCTS).

The PSAs, which were distributed to television stations throughout the state, encourage Michigan motorists to share the road safely with big rigs. MCTS believes teaming up with a professional NASCAR driver like Dale Jarrett will help spread the word to a wider audience."

In the PSAs, Jarrett explains three simple tips:

Semis have large blind spots, trucks make wide turns and trucks require twice as much stopping distance as a car.

The PSAs are funded by a grant from the Michigan Truck Safety Commission through registration fees from the trucking industry; no tax dollars are used. The MCTS provides safety training to commercial truckdrivers and promotes the concept that both car and truckdrivers should be courteous and "share the road."