SUV slams into truck, kills six in Texas

| 6/17/2002

A sport utility vehicle smashed into a flatbed trailer parked on the shoulder of I-20 outside Dallas Monday morning killing a woman and five of her children. The accident shut down westbound I-20 for about four hours.

The family allegedly left a reunion in southeast Texas about 2 a.m. The woman's husband, who was driving, and a sixth child are expected to survive. None of the passengers reportedly were wearing a seat belt.

The accident occurred about 8 a.m. in a rural area about 20 miles east of Dallas. Two truckdrivers were looking over one of the semis hauling roofing materials when the Chevrolet Suburban struck the back of the second truck's trailer.

The SUV allegedly crossed all three lanes of the interstate before it crashed into the truck. Both trucks reportedly had pulled over about 15 minutes before the wreck and were parked legally.

The accident came one day after a Greyhound bus struck the back of an 18-wheeler near Colorado City, TX, as the truck merged into traffic from a rest stop. The collision killed three people and injured about three dozen more passengers, also on I-20, about 250 miles west of Dallas.