Firestone sponsors history features on trucking radio network

| 6/11/2002

As part of its 2002 marketing campaign, Firestone is sponsoring two-minute radio features on the Midnight Trucking Radio Network. Each feature celebrates events, people, technologies and companies that have shaped the history of the trucking industry.

To commemorate the tire company's history, Firestone reintroduced the "Ship By Truck" concept created by its founder, Harvey Firestone, in 1918. This led to the creation of the radio features that take a brief look at how trucking came to be one of America's most vital national industries. Recent topics covered in the broadcasts include the history of America's highway names, Dwight D. Eisenhower's role in the interstate system, the trials and tribulations of early truckers, the rise and fall of cabover tractors, and the role of tires in trucking's triumph over the horse and wagon.

Each two-minute broadcast is introduced by Eric Harley and Joe Kelley, the hosts of the Midnight Trucking Radio Network, and is broadcast between midnight and 5 a.m. CST, the prime listening period for over-the-road truckers. Broadcasts can be heard virtually everywhere in America, on over a dozen radio stations.