Arkansas Rep wants study of tugboat pilots

| 6/10/2002

In the wake of the tragic bridge collapse in Webbers Falls, OK, Rep. Shirley Borhauer, (R-Bella Vista) has said she will request a study on whether vessels on state waterways need to have two pilots on the bridge

Borhauer (R-Bella Vista) told Land Line June 7 she feels safety on waterways is very important in her state and others. "The study is in the early stages and much research needs to be done before a bill is proposed," she said. "I just requested the study to be written by my legislative staff. I will then research which states do or do not have two pilots on a vessel. I do not wish to propose a bill that has no way of being enforced."

Borhauer said a constituent suggested she look into the matter after a barge struck the Interstate 40 bridge near Webbers Falls, OK, on May 26, collapsing it. Fourteen people died when their vehicles plunged off the bridge.