Kenworth offers W900 brochure on premium conventional model

| 6/6/2002

Kenworth's new 32-page brochure for owner-operators, on-highway fleets, dump truck users and heavy haulers offers detailed information on Kenworth's premium W900 model with special emphasis on driver comfort, ergonomics, premium and high tech options, and serviceability.

The driver comfort section features information on available sleepers for the W900. These options include the spacious 86-inch Studio AeroCab, 72-inch AeroCab Aerodyne and 62-inch AeroCab Aerodyne. The W900 also is available in 72-inch and 38-inch AeroCab FlatTop versions, along with 60-, 50- and 42-inch Modular FlatTop versions.

Ergonomic items include Kenworth's Air Cushion Premium Plus seats and optional QuietCab, which utilizes sound-barrier technology for reduced interior noise. It also provides detailed information on a variety of premium options, including traditional stainless steel and chrome and high-tech equipment.

High-tech options include global positioning system navigation, electronic vision system, and factory-installed antenna and hookup for a cell phone.

In addition, the brochure covers the Kenworth PremierCare Program, including the Kenworth Call Center's 1-800-KW-ASSIST hotline for 24-hour emergency roadside assistance and other services.

The brochure is available through your local Kenworth dealer. A listing of dealers is available at