Fuel tax, sales tax increases sent to Missouri voters

| 5/31/2002

Passed in a flurry of activity during the final days of Missouri's legislative session, lawmakers passed SB915, which will be submitted to voters on Aug. 6. If approved, this transportation funding package would raise the fuel tax by 4 cents to 21 cents a gallon and the general sales tax by a half-cent.

The bill also removes the sunset clause of the 6-cent fuel tax increase approved in 1992. The 1992 increase would have expired in 2008.

Additionally, the bill specifies how the money will be used and gives voters the opportunity to review the tax increases again in 2012. If rejected in 2012, the increased sales tax and fuel tax rates will return to today's current level.

According to an Associated Press report, the half-cent sales tax increase would generate a projected $297 million annually and the 4-cent fuel tax increase would raise an estimated $168 million.