New Zealand Study: truckers susceptible to bladder cancer

| 5/23/2002

A study by New Zealand's Occupational Safety and Health Service says truckdrivers are among a small group of workers who are more susceptible to bladder cancer than normal. The problem is being linked to the difficulty for truckers to find toilets while they are on the road.

OSH says data has found 8 percent of all cancers are due to occupational causes, but the figure triples to about 25 percent for bladder cancer. To combat the causes associated with trucking, the organization advises truckers to make sure their engines are well-maintained, eliminating leaks of fumes into their cab; and, most importantly, truckers should urinate regularly.

Truckers aren't the only ones at risk of bladder cancer. Engineering workers, farmers and painters are also being warned because of the fumes they breathe in on the job.