Survey reveals cities with best and worst driving manners

| 5/22/2002

A new survey conducted by the nation's steel producers reveals which cities have good or bad driving manners. The Steel Alliance uses the survey's results as part of their campaign to persuade the auto industry to use more steel products in the construction of vehicles.

The fourth annual Nerves of Steel survey determined that among the 10 cities surveyed, Boston is home to the most aggressive and unsafe drivers while Seattle is the safest and most polite city when it comes to driving. Miami was given the distinction as having the rudest drivers in the nation.

In Beantown, 44 percent of drivers surveyed admitted committing at least four or more aggressive acts on the road in the past month, including tailgating, speeding and waiting until the last second to merge. Drivers in Washington, DC, Dallas, Denver and Miami rounded out the list of cities with the most aggressive-minded motorists.

The survey said only 23 percent of Seattle drivers committed excessive acts of aggression on the road. Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago and Los Angeles ranked closely behind the Emerald City for safest and most polite drivers.

The survey also found that 57 percent of Miami motorists are rude, with female drivers topping their male counterparts. Boston and Washington, DC, also ranked among the rudest drivers on the road.