Virginia shelves road repairs

| 5/20/2002

State officials announced May 15 improvements to more than a dozen major highways and interchanges in Northern Virginia would be scrapped and construction on more than 20 other projects delayed, as part of deep cuts in road spending plans. The region's two largest projects - rebuilding the Woodrow Wilson Bridge and the Springfield Mixing Bowl interchange - would be unaffected.

The new plan devised by the state Transportation Department slashes by almost one-third the $10.1 billion in road money approved in December, weeks before Gov. Mark Warner took office.

In Northern Virginia, projects along Interstate 66, U.S.1, 7, 29, and several others of the regions most congested routes would be eliminated until at least 2008. And nearly two dozen others will now get only planning money. Dozens of other local routes will also forgo improvements.

Statewide, transportation spending will be cut substantially over the next six years, leaving $7.2 billion to be divided among regions of the state competing for relief from growing traffic congestion.