Legislators back OOIDA surcharge bill

| 5/15/2002

Four legislators recently signed on as co-sponsors of HR2161, known as The Motor Carrier Fuel Cost Equity Act of 2002, says OOIDA Vice President Todd Spencer. The bill creates a mechanism for owner-operators and small fleets to offset their increased cost for fuel when fuel prices rise rapidly.

The four congressmen are Rep. John Dingell (D-MI), the ranking member on the Energy and Commerce Committee; Ike Skelton (D-MO), the ranking Democrat on the House Armed Services Committee; Shelly Moore Capito (R-WV), who serves on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, and Rep. Tim Holden (D-PA), who serves on a subcommittee on highways and transit.

"The trucking industry is a vital part of the American economy, and independent drivers deserve fair compensation for the essential tasks they perform for our nation. I cosponsored H.R. 2161, the Motor Carrier Fuel Cost Equity Act, because it will help truckers recoup their diesel fuel costs when prices rise above a certain level," said Rep. Skelton. "We all depend on the trucking industry to keep our economy going. But if independent drivers aren't fairly compensated when fuel prices go up, they may not stay in business very long."

The legislation's companion bill, S1914, is sponsored in the Senate by Sens. John Kerry (D-MA), Kit Bond (R-MO) and Zell Miller (D-GA).