Most charges dropped against Cannon driver accused of abuse

| 5/14/2002

Most charges were dropped Friday in a Georgia court against a Cannon Express driver accused of holding his girlfriend captive for months in his truck. An investigation into the woman's claims revealed she might have caused her own injuries.

Magistrate Judge Tommy Bobbitt found no probable cause existed for charges of kidnapping with bodily injury and aggravated assault against Shannon E. Jones of Delphi, NY. The judge found cause only for a simple assault, a misdemeanor.

Ronda "Katina" Pate (also calls herself Katina Shaddix) had accused Jones last month of holding her against her will and beating her. Pate said she had left a string of messages scrawled on restroom walls at rest stops, pleading for help. One message was found by a maintenance worker at a Tennessee rest area and called police.

Pate told authorities she had been trying to get away from Jones for a year. But soon after Jones' arrest, witnesses reportedly started coming forward claiming they saw Pate without Jones just days prior to his arrest. Jones told the court that Pate could have left at any time.

Investigators claim a worker at the battered women's shelter where Pate is staying told them she had witnessed Pate beating herself with a hair dryer, according to a published report. They also said Pate's family members told them she was prone to beating herself.