OOIDA member honored by Dart

| 5/1/2002

OOIDA member Tom Tyler Sr. was among four owner-operators recently honored by Dart Transit for achieving 3 million accident-free miles.

"Non-professional drivers can't even imagine such a distance, much less driving that far without an accident," says Steve Kaufman, Dart's safety advisor. "Professional drivers know that completing 3 million accident-free miles is one of the most elusive achievements on the highway."

Tyler, of Dallas, IA, has been behind the wheel for about 33 years and leased to Dart for 14. Tom credits his safe driving success to following the basic rules of good driving and luck. "It's been a hard go," says Tom, "you must keep an eye out for the other guy and don't get into too big a hurry. No matter how hot the load is, there isn't a hot load in the world that won't cool off laying in a ditch."

Other contractors honored were Elvin Guyer Jr. of Forest City, MO, Jim Lyle of Laporte, MN, and Dale Schultz of Capac, MI.