EveryTruckJob.com launches the first job search engine for the trucking industry

| 4/24/2002

EveryTruckJob.com is a six-month-old company that says it is a complete job search engine for the trucking industry. The company says it provides the trucker the ability to search for a job by state and position. Job seekers can apply for all open positions by creating one application that can be accessed through the web site and easily updated.

Additional resources provided on the site include information on truck schools, truckstops, access to industry publications, newsletters, helpful job searching tips and the ability to visit a co-workers web site. These resources are available directly through the web site at no cost.

EveryTruckJob.com claims its database includes more than 40,000 companies nationwide. Their employment search extends beyond drivers to include mechanics, dispatchers, recruiters, and students. In their short six month existence EveryTruckJob.com has sent out more than 150,000 applications to companies nationwide.