Trucker Buddy teams with NHTSA for road safety

| 4/24/2002

Trucker Buddy International, a nonprofit organization that matches professional drivers who correspond by mail with elementary classrooms, has announced it will be teaming up with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration on the "Share the Road Safely" campaign.

The partnership is designed to identify the effectiveness of a campaign to make children aware of highway situations between large trucks and other vehicles, and to educate students how to safely share the road. Although these efforts are aimed at school children, Trucker Buddy believes students will share their observations with the adults who transport them on a daily basis and take the information learned into their driving years. The safe driving messages would be reoccurring and on a more personal basis due to their relationship with their Trucker Buddy driver.

Trucker Buddy's role is to assist this communication through partnerships with drivers and classes for the pilot project to help the FMCSA monitor the program through the end of the school year. Then, the students will take part in a nationwide contest to conclude with public recognition of their efforts.

"We are pleased to be able to help determine if a campaign aimed at children will be an effective method of making our highways safer for all of us," said Trucker Buddy Executive Director Ellen Voie. For more information about Trucker Buddy, visit their web site at