Peterbilt increases workforce, production at Tennessee plant

| 4/22/2002

Peterbilt is recalling about 300 workers and doubling production at its heavy-duty truck plant in Madison, TN. The upswing reverses a string of layoffs and production slowdowns that have hit the facility in recent years.

About 100 former workers, many of which were laid off more than one year ago, reportedly have been recalled in recent days. The plant expects to bring back at least another 200 employees in the next month, bringing its total work force to about 800.

Plant production has been boosted from 16 trucks per day to 22, according to a published report. The plant intends to increase production to 36 trucks per day in the next four weeks.

Despite the production jump, assembly rates at the plant are still well below its peak of 70 units per day in April 2000.