OOIDA positions widely accepted in safety symposium recommendations

| 4/22/2002

Over 290 representatives from the Truck and Bus Industry, Research Institutions, Government Agencies Safety Groups, Enforcement Agencies and other such organizations attended a 3-day symposium organized by the National Safety Council in Knoxville, Tennessee from April 3-5.

Representing the interests of professional truckers were OOIDA President Jim Johnston, OOIDA Director of Regulatory Affairs Rick Craig, and OOIDA Foundation Special Projects Manager John Siebert.

Representatives were presented with up to date industry statistics, driver perception survey results, numerous keynote speakers (see the text of Jim Johnston's speech) and over 50 research papers on Driver Issues, Data Analysis, Management Issues, Enforcement Issues and New Technology.

Various committees were formed after the presentation of information. Jim Johnston took part in the Enforcement Issues group, Rick Craig in the Drivers Issue group and John Siebert in New Technology Issues group.

The participants developed the top 10 recommendations (and an additional 14 recommendations) which have been listed in order of priority. An action plan was developed to disseminate the recommendations to various government agencies and organizations.

It should be noted that the top 10 recommendations eventually adopted by the conference were items strongly advocated by OOIDA's representatives in their individual committees.

See top 10 recommendations