Brave new world in Las Vegas

| 4/19/2002

Julie Cirillo, chief enforcement officer of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, will interest truckdrivers at this year's International Trucking Show when she discusses a topic that's captured headlines lately -- "The Brave New World of Security."

The show, June 27-29 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, features Cirillo Thursday, June 27 at a special "Trucking Show Town Hall" from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. She will discuss:

The new USA PATRIOT Act requirements needed to obtain or renew a CDL hazmat endorsement; congressional intent to impose a Universal Transportation Card on all workers in the supply chain; why drivers must show their ID at ports but port workers don't; the information that will be looked at on a criminal background check - and who will do the looking; and whether or not INS requirements intend to keep foreign drivers out of the country.