Border security bill to pass, Byrd says

| 4/18/2002

The Senate is getting closer to sending President Bush legislation (S1749) to tighten the nation's borders against terrorists, AP reports.

On April 15 Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV), who wanted more debate on the bill, said "We're going to pass it." The bill reportedly has 61 co-sponsors, more than enough for approval.

The legislation would add 1,000 new INS inspectors, investigative personnel and support staff to America's borders. Companies would be required to disclose passenger and crew information on all flights and vessels before they enter the United States. In addition, foreigners from countries on America's terrorist watch list would be banned from entering the United States.

The bill also would require machine-readable, tamper-resistant travel documents for foreigners wanting to enter the country. It would require universities to keep better track of foreign students, including checking and informing the government when and where prospective students arrive and when they are expected to graduate or when they leave school.