ProMiles announces major update to fuel tax software

| 4/15/2002

ProMiles Software Development Corp. has announced the release of a major update to the ProMiles Fuel Tax program. The update is designed for better function and ease of use.

According to Tony Stroncheck, ProMiles president of sales and marketing, PSDC will allow a trucking company to automate the task of fuel tax reporting, saving money and improving accuracy to reduce employee workload and minimize the risk of fuel tax audits. Additional features allow companies to automate their fuel taxes, including importing of GPS tracking points and dispatch data, and import fuel purchases from a variety of sources."

Tim Pilcher, ProMiles president of development, said "We have also added many new reports, and almost all reports can now be saved in a wide variety of popular formats, including industry standard XML."

In addition to data importing and exporting tools, ProMiles Fuel Tax integrates with the ProMiles mileage and routing system, a system accepted and used by more state/provincial fuel tax auditors than any other. When integrated with ProMiles Fuel Tax, the ProMiles mileage and routing system is designed to allow both automatic and manual importing of trips, and allow users to look at and edit fuel tax trips on a map!

According to Pilcher, "While we have put a lot of effort into fuel tax automation, we have not forgotten those people that enter trips manually. With our trip entry system, a fuel tax data entry person is able to accurately enter trip sheets faster than with any other fuel tax reporting system available."

The latest release of ProMiles Fuel Tax integrates with Microsoft SQL Server, providing support for a virtually unlimited number of fleets and trucks. Current customers will receive this update automatically with their quarterly update over the next four to six weeks.