Inspection provides walk down memory lane for OOIDA member

| 4/12/2002

A recent visit from a state transportation inspector served as a walk down memory lane for trucker and OOIDA member Fred Faerber. It also supplied a pretty good chuckle.

Faerber, of Kingston, NY, recently was contacted by an inspector with the New York State Transportation Department about tracing his employment history with Smith Ave. Moving Co., a company he owns. "This is a family-run business and I'm the only driver," Fred laughs.

The quizzical inspector, while reviewing the company's paperwork, was troubled by the fact he couldn't locate Fred's original application for employment to confirm how he got the job. Fred was a little puzzled why the NYDOT would make such a fuss about paperwork that would be nearly a half-century old.

Fred's father purchased the moving company in the early 50s and he's been driving full time since 1957. Fred said the inspector suggested he fill out an application for the company's files for future reference. So, Fred obliged. "I started part time in 1952 and earned 75 cents an hour. I never had to fill out an application, but now they want one, so I made one. I dated it 1/1/57. I wrote down my high school and grade school. Of course, I noted that most of the business references listed are probably dead. That was a long time ago. But, what else could I do?"

Fred said he did offer letters collected from people he helped move dating back to the 50s, thanking him for the work done. "There are plenty of letters I could give," he jokes. "I think they'll vouch for me."

--Keith Goble