Knights still ride the road

| 4/12/2002

On Monday evening, April 1, Clark Freight Lines' driver Jack Armstrong was trucking westbound on Highway 64 just outside of Marion, AR, when he saw an oncoming truck suddenly brake hard and pull to the shoulder. As he passed, Armstrong called over the CB to ask if the driver was OK. The chilling reply was, "I can't breathe, call for help ... I think I'm having a heart attack."

Armstrong immediately set a sequence of events into motion to help the other driver. He called his dispatcher, Gene Key, notified him of the location and needs, and then quickly found a place to turn his truck around while the dispatcher called 9-1-1.

Armstrong returned to the driver's location, climbed up into the truck and waited with him. He asked his name, promised to contact the driver's family and helped him to remain calm by assuring him that help was on the way and everything was going to be OK.

When emergency services arrived, Armstrong gave them the driver's identification and watched as he was loaded into the ambulance. The driver, Shaun Quincel, was taken to a nearby hospital. Armstrong stayed with Quincel's truck to make sure it was safe.

Another driver who had stopped to help, offered to move Quincel's truck to a secure parking area, while Armstrong notified Quincel's family and employer of the situation and provided them with as much information as possible.

"At a time when the only publicity a trucker can expect to receive is bad publicity, Jack Armstrong's actions deserve an honorable mention," says Joel House of Clark Freight Lines. "If it were other circumstances, the newspapers would be quick to crucify him. It's refreshing to know that there still are a few 'White Knights' out on the highways."