Mother, son busted for embezzlement

| 4/11/2002

A Kansas mother and son were arrested last week in connection with the theft of at least $25,000 from Albert Hogoboom Oil Field Trucking of El Dorado. Both mother and son have since been released from the Butler County Jail on bond, and are scheduled to appear in court later this month.

Police suspect Sharon Wallace, the company's bookkeeper, had altered its checks to her benefit since at least 2000, according to published reports. Wallace allegedly would increase the amount of checks signed and written by other employees. Police believe she would write her name as the recipient before cashing or depositing the checks. She has been charged with forgery, felony theft and making a false writing.

Her son, William Macy Jr., reportedly has been charged with felony theft and other non-related drug charges. He allegedly purchased tools and materials for his company, Macy's Home Inspections, using the trucking company's money.