Kenworth plant recalls 350 workers, sells truck number 200,000

| 4/10/2002

To handle increased orders for heavy trucks, Kenworth Truck Co. plant in Chillicothe, OH, is recalling 350 workers who were laid off previously, according to The Trucker Wire Services.

This news came as Kenworth celebrated selling the 200,000th truck to roll off the production line. The truck was purchased by Clary Trucking, a family-owned Ohio trucking company.

The increase in orders required adding a second shift so production could jump from 48 to 64 trucks, according to the plant manager Alan Mayne. However, he says there's no guarantee the recall is permanent because it depends on the truck market and the economy. Slow truck sales caused layoffs of 135 workers in 2001 and 500 in 2000.