Garbage hauler arrested for bomb threat at truckstop

| 4/8/2002

A garbage hauler was arrested March 29 after making bomb threats at a Pennsylvania truckstop. The Ephrata Township travel plaza was evacuated as a bomb squad searched the area, stranding many truckers.

Menuau Regis, a Haitian immigrant, threatened to "kill as many Americans as he could by blowing up the truckstop," the Lancaster Intelligencer Journal reported. Regis also said "America messed with the wrong country." He made the threats after pulling his rig into the plaza with a flat tire.

A truckdriver that heard Regis on his CB reportedly asked where he was parked. Regis gave his location and once the trucker found the rig he called police.

Regis was arrested a short time later after he exited the truck. He later denied making the threats and told authorities he was framed by people who had been following him for three months, according to the newspaper.

Authorities say it is unclear why Regis allegedly threatened to blow up the truckstop. A search of the area by a bomb-detonation team turned up nothing.

Police reportedly charged Regis with terroristic threats and bomb threats, both misdemeanors, and jailed him on $1 million bond. A preliminary hearing was scheduled for Friday, April 5.