Third time not the charm in Illinois

| 4/8/2002

Legislation that would have ended the split speed limits in Illinois didn't survive a third reading in the Illinois legislature. Members of the state's House of Representatives voted down the measure by a 46 to 72 margin on April 3.

House bill 5912 had previously cleared the Transportation Committee with scant opposition, and no opposition in two previous considerations on the House floor. So what would cause lawmakers to balk?

"It's election year politics," says Woody Chambers, OOIDA director from the Chicago area. "These folks (lawmakers) would rather do anything to avoid taking a position that could be considered in any way controversial."

Chambers says truckers need to know how their elected representatives voted on this critical issue. "My representative voted the right way," he says. "I hope other Illinois truckers talk to their state representatives about their votes because we're the ones who will be voting in November."

Here's how they voted:

46 Yeas -- Beaubien; Berns; Black; Boland; Bost; Brunsvold; Cowlishaw; Curry; Daniels; Davis, Steve; Forby; Granberg; Hanning; Hartke; Hoffman; Holbrook; Johnson; Jones, John; Klingler; Lang; Lawfer; Leitch; Mautino; Mitchell, Bill; Mitchell, Jerry; Moffitt; Myers; Novak; O'Brien; Osmond; Pankau; Poe; Reitz; Righter; Rutherford; Simpson; Smith; Sommer; Stephens; Tenhouse; Wait; Watson; Winkel; Winters; Wirsing; Wright

72 Nays -- Acevedo; Bassi; Bellock; Biggins; Bradley; Brady; Brosnahan; Bugielski; Burke; Capparelli; Collins; Colvin; Coulson; Cross; Crotty; Currie; Dart; Davis, Monique; Delgado; Durkin; Erwin; Feigenholtz; Flowers; Fowler; Franks; Fritchey; Garrett; Giles; Hamos; Hassert; Hoeft; Howard; Hultgren; Jefferson; Jones, Lou; Jones, Shirley; Kenner; Kosel; Krause; Kurtz; Lindner; Lyons, Eileen; Lyons, Joseph; Madigan (Speaker); Marquardt; Mathias; May; McAuliffe; McCarthy; McGuire; McKeon; Mendoza; Meyer; Miller; Morrow; Mulligan; Murphy; O'Connor; Osterman; Parke; Ryan; Saviano; Schmitz; Schoenberg; Scully; Slone; Soto; Turner; Wojcik; Yarbrough; Younge; Zickus