Trelp, the Waze of trucker apps, helps truckers find all variations of parking

By Tyson Fisher, Land Line staff writer | 7/28/2017

Technology has been viewed as a possible solution to the truck parking problem plaguing the nation. A recently launched app, Trelp, hopes to be part of that solution.

Although there are currently truck parking apps out on the market already, Trelp hopes to stand out from the others by allowing truckers to flag parking spots in real time using peer-to-peer input.

If Trelp sounds familiar, it is probably because the app was introduced last year during a trial period to figure out what truckers need in an app. Over the past several months, Trelp has refined its platform and just recently launched the newest version available to everyone for free.

According to Jason’s Law survey results, there are approximately 300,000 available truck parking spots in the United States. Those stats account for private truck stops and public rest areas. Trelp plans on having 3 million parking spots on the app by 2019.

How is this possible?

A spokesperson for Trelp told Land Line that the user-driven information, much like the Waze map app, will include much more than truck stops and rest areas. Truckers will be allowed to flag less traditional parking spots.

Know of a road where trucking parking on the side is allowed? Let Trelp users know.

Know of a shopping center parking lot that allows truck parking? Let Trelp users know.

Know of an industrial area where it is OK to park your truck? Go on Trelp and share that info.

Another feature allows truckers to give each other “last mile directions.” Traditional navigation and parking apps only take you to the physical address of a shipper or receiver, not necessarily the specific locations trucks need to go to load or unload. Last mile directions shared by truckers will let Trelp users know exactly where to go, saving time and fuel.

Truckers can also leave comments on the shipper/receiver. Trelp users can find out who requires a lumper fee in cash for an executed Bill of Lading, which shippers will not allow early arrivals, hours of operation or whether or not overnight parking is allowed.

Currently, Trelp is only available for Android devices, but a Trelp spokesperson told Land Line that an iOS version will be available in the near future.

For more information and to download the app, visit or go the Google Play Store.

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