Here's your MATS 2015 Papa John's off-site truck parking guide

By Land Line staff | 3/9/2015

A fundamental part of your trucking spring break in Louisville is fellowship. Besides the Mid-America Trucking Show March 26-28, it’s a place where the trucking community gets together – trucks and all. That annual reunion is not an easy mission, but thanks to Exhibit Management Associates and its contract with the University of Louisville and its Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium parking lot, it happens.

Booths and tents spring up amid a sea of trucks and trailers, and for the week of the show it’s base camp Louisville for the super-special guests of show management – truckers.

Free tractor-trailer parking is available courtesy of show management at Papa John’s lot. Trucks must enter lot D and will then be instructed on parking. Lot A (student lot) will be made available for use on Saturday only. 

Because of the organization happening early in show week at the parking lot, it is suggested that Wednesday, March 25, is the best day for your arrival. More details below.

Show management’s Director of Advertising Adam Weckman recently released this year’s parking rules and guide.

“The primary objective of the off-site parking at Papa John’s is to efficiently park vehicles during the Mid-America Trucking Show. All other objectives are secondary to efficient parking,” the show management directive reads.

“With this said, we (at Exhibit Management Associates) want everyone to have a good time, but in a safe and courteous manner.”

Here’s the guide provided to OOIDA by show management.

No one is allowed in the lot before Wednesday (March 25) at 8 a.m. without written show management approval.
No activities at Papa John’s during show hours.
Everyone should be out of the lot by Sunday (March 29) morning, but only after the lot has been cleaned.

Note: According to show management, the lot will be open on Tuesday for sponsors to set up. The sponsor space will be roped off to prevent encroachment on those spaces noted on the layout map. Anyone or any charity that needs to access the lot on Tuesday to prepare for events is welcome to request written approval from show management, and with written approval they will be authorized to be in the lot on Tuesday.

Assigned parking locations and lot layout:
Show management is not assigning parking, but will do so if the lot is not parked in an efficient manner. Our expectation is that all vehicles will park with the layout and striping of the lot in mind, using only the space that is necessary for their vehicle and a small space for chairs, etc. The only spots that are assigned and reserved are those outlined in the accompanying Papa John’s Off-Site Truck Parking Layout.

Lot sponsorship:
TravelCenters of America and Freightliner have sponsored the lot and are helping to offset the costs of the lot. They are the only “sponsored exhibits” in the lot and no other sponsorship is permitted. This means no banners, advertisements, etc., without prior written show management approval.

Lot maintenance:
Show management expects that all attendees will clean up after themselves. This means that the lot should be left on Sunday as it was found on Wednesday.

Security/parking attendants:
There will be security and parking attendants in the lot to ensure that vehicles are parked efficiently, to ensure that the correct entrance and exit is used, and to ensure that the shuttle bus can get in and out to deliver attendees to the show. The security/parking attendants will be in charge of the lot and will report directly to show management. If there are any significant issues, the office number during the show is 502-899-3892.

Shuttle buses to and from the Kentucky Exposition Center are also provided for anyone parking at Papa John’s, sponsored by TravelCenters of America. Shuttle service starts one hour before the show and runs one hour after the show each day of the show.

Editor’s note: Tomorrow’s daily online news will feature a roundup of activities planned for Papa John’s parking lot.

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