AirFlow Bullet Truck gets 13.4 mpg on coast-to-coast trip

By Land Line staff | Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Back in 1985, a truck driver named Bob Sliwa built an aerodynamic truck. Sliwa, an OOIDA member from Newington, CT, ran his truck for a while, then retired to pursue other interests. But he never forgot his dream. In 2008, he began work on his current project, the AirFlow Bullet Truck.

The truck was featured on a 1985 cover of Land Line. And in June 2012, Senior Technical Editor Paul Abelson reported on the details of Sliwa’s new aerodynamic “bullet truck” in his article “How flow can you go?”

In the latest news, Sliwa reported recently that the AirFlow Bullet Truck just completed “a coast-to-coast, revenue-producing, real-world, freight-hauling run” and achieved 13.4 mpg average for the entire trip.

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