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Give yourself a break

By Buck Black, LCSW, LCAC

Truckers see it all: crashes, death, injury, the good in people, well-planned days, and days when they wish they had stayed in the bunk.

Many forget about resilience, and some of us have never heard the term. Resilience is the ability to endure and overcome obstacles. Truckers operate their resilient trucks that sustain extreme temperatures and run for over a million miles.

A trucker is just as tough as his/her rig, yet most do not know it. Truckers are survivors. Who else can essentially live the life of a camper with more regulations than an airplane pilot? In my opinion, that is a true measure of resilience.

It is only natural to lose hope and feel that things cannot change. We forget our successes and dwell on our problems. These are traits built into all human brains. The more social isolation and stress, the more we believe we are failing or will fail at any minute.

Commonly, I hear truckers talking about how they are doomed and the world is beyond repair. Many go on to say there is no hope, and this generation of truckers is the one that will surely run the trucking industry out of business.

Life has a lot of opportunities when we learn to control our worrisome brains. The fears of running out of money, losing our connection with the world, and other anxieties are instilled in us as part of our ancient survival mechanisms. These worries will likely keep us alive now but could shorten our lifespan. Is this the type of life you want to lead?

The vast majority of successful people have had to overcome many obstacles in their life, and they may still be fighting, even though it isn’t apparent. I recently saw the famous actor Billy Bob Thornton talking about how his poor upbringing made him feel he does not fit into Hollywood and how he is intimidated by some celebrities. He has insecurities and has been amazingly successful. If he and other celebrities openly admit to insecurities and feelings of inadequacy, shouldn’t you give yourself a break?

Life is not about feeling good all the time. That is an impossible goal. Life is about believing in yourself and in those you care about, doing the right thing, and trudging forward in spite of feeling inadequate or insecure. When you do this, life will reward you the majority of the time. Quit chasing that perfect life and enjoy the life you have, which is most likely better that you think! We all have a lot to be grateful for, which is so easy to forget. LL

Buck Black is a licensed clinical social worker therapist who specializes in helping truckers and their families with anger and stress management, as well as depression and relationship problems. He does this over the phone, and Skype at This column is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Land Line Magazine or its publisher. Please remember everyone's health situation is different. If you have questions regarding medical issues, consult your personal physician.