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Jade Transport's Western Star (Yes, I said Western Star)

By Bryan 'Boss Man' Martin, contributing writer

Every now and then a change of pace is refreshing. So, after building well over 10 Peterbilt glider kits, the Canadian fellas at Jade caught wind of something a little bit different.

Daimler is now offering new Western Star-powered gliders. Team Jade favors glider kits in a never-ending quest to create the most reliable, driver-friendly, mechanic-friendly, and cost-effective trucks possible in an effort to have as little downtime and as much uptime as possible.

They spec'd out this 4964EX at the dealership and had it equipped with the reliable and fuel-efficient Detroit Series 60 550-horsepower engine. Jade liked the price of the Star compared with other glider kits they had built in recent years and quickly placed their order for this 2015 Lo-Max model with a flat-top sleeper.

With the addition of an 18-speed Fuller transmission and 3.73 rears behind it, this rig can get just about any job handled. The 272-inch wheelbase and four axle setup is ideal for hauling loads with gross weights of 100,000 to 103,000 pounds in the Northwest, taking advantage of the weight laws.

"As far as accessorizing it and adding to the eye appeal, we built a custom stainless-steel sun visor, which is somewhat tricky to do, considering the unique angles presented by the Star cab," David Dyck, of Jade said.

"The air cleaners have been lowered and the screens cut down to make them look sleeker. On the rear of the sleeper, we fabbed a custom lower skirt panel to cover up the somewhat unsightly gap and conceal the under-bunk suspension componentry."

The special paint scheme and striping was designed by Adam Klassen. The truck has extra cab lights and 7-inch Lincoln Chrome Exhaust pipes with the long lower elbows.

"The driver is enjoying the truck, says it does a great job for him, and he gets multiple compliments on the rig nearly each and every day," Dyck said.

Dyck and his family also are the founders of the Shift Products line of accessories specializing in rear fenders, light panels, bracketry, custom one-off truck accessories and more.

Now that they have access to the Western Star 4964EX, they plan to design and manufacture some tricky and cool air cleaner light panels and a few more additional custom components to complement Western Stars.

Jade Transport is a family-owned and family-operated trucking company from Winnipeg that is well-respected within the industry, and the impeccable attention to detail makes their equipment stand out in almost any parking lot. They take pride in not only being a business foundation established on the values and roots of days-gone-by, but also being forward thinking to seek the best drivers and the best equipment, and to offer the best service they possibly can.

I can attest that these folks have no shortage of innovative ideas and designs, and I have been continually impressed as I see their trucks not only on the road, but also at several national truck shows across the entire U.S. Keep up the great work, Team Jade. LL