Mafia Secrets
On a budget

By Bryan 'Boss Man' Martin, contributing writer

Acord Transportation out of Chandler, Okla., recently put this sexy 2015 Peterbilt 389 glider kit in service. Painted Hyper blue, and rigged out with an ACERT Twin-Turbo Cat engine, 18-speed tranny and long-legged 3:08 rears, this baby will scoot down the highway - no problem.

Jeff Acord handles the biggest part of spec'ing equipment for the 100-plus truck and tanker fleet. Once the kit was assembled and drivable, it was dropped off at 4 State Trucks, Home of the Chrome Shop Mafia, for customization.

Things like a 20-inch box-end bumper; 7-inch stacks with "Pickett" style elbows; air cleaner panels with bulkhead lights; bulkhead clearance lights put in the cab roof; stainless-wrapped fuel tanks; a drop-visor; additional rear sleeper lights; fiberglass rear fenders; CSM rear light bar; one-off fabricated rear shock cover on the sleeper; full, custom frame covers; fuel tank frame filler panel, as well as painting a bunch of the exterior and interior items Hyper blue, all worked together to compliment the overall look they were going for.

One of the coolest upgrades was the installation of Trux Dual Revolution lights throughout the truck. Nearly every red or amber light changes to brilliant blue with the flip of a switch. It looks incredible after dark, when staged on the back row at the truck stop.

When asked what he likes the most about this recent build, Jeff explained that the color is really unique and attracts the attention of about any passerby. The custom metal fabrication on the frame cover/deck plates was next on his list, as it not only looks fantastic but provides some much needed extra storage area for tools, boots, spare parts and other necessities. Jeff also said it was nice to have factory air suspension on the steer axle and full disc brakes on all axles.

"Trucks like this handle like a pick-up truck," Jeff said. "These newer Petes have sure come a long way in the area of comfort and drivability these two or three years."

The foundation of Acord Transportation's success is its founder, Ray Acord. Like so many of us, he is part of a trucking heritage, as his dad was also involved in the industry. Ray started trucking in the mid-1960s and started his own company in 1979. Today, they have offices in Oklahoma, Kansas and Colorado.

Ray prefers the traditional look of the Pete 389 as opposed to the aerodynamic trends these days. He said that benefits like eye appeal, positive image for his operation, driver recruitment, driver retention, and resale values keep him coming back to the square-hooded Petes. Once they are up-fitted and put in service, they typically average 120,000 miles a year and don't see any truck shows.

Acord transports propane, butane, anhydrous ammonia and other products all over the central U.S. Their trucks don't sit around. It's just work, work, work for these rigs.

For them the truck show is when a four-wheeler slows down to snap a photo of one of their everyday working trucks and gives a big thumbs up out the window and speeds off - every trucker's biggest trophy. LL