New administration doesn’t change OOIDA’s goals

By Tilden Curl, OOIDA Life Member

More than ever, OOIDA members will be relying on our representation in Washington, D.C. We have extraordinary leadership and one hard-working team in our D.C. office.

As we know, our issues are not necessarily Democratic nor Republican. While we should capitalize on every opportunity, we also must continue to build bridges with those in government who are sympathetic to our cause regardless of party. We have to continue our objectives and pursue our best opportunities. The Republican control of all branches of government will not last – same as Democratic control didn’t last eight years ago.

We will have much to fight for with the new administration – as we have with the administrations of the last 45 years. If we can capitalize on an opportunity here, we should, but this change of national leadership doesn’t change our goals.

We will depend heavily on the feedback of our D.C. team. Government Affairs Director Laura O’Neill-Kaumo, Jay Grimes and Collin Long spend long hours on the Hill wearing out a lot of shoe leather to keep us ahead of critical issues.

Regardless of the promises of the new administration, we know it’s not all going to be peaches and cream. We are obviously concerned with a renewed priority in tolling and vehicle miles traveled as a way to pay for infrastructure upgrades.

I like the idea of promoting an oversight committee for FMCSA. This point in politics may be a good time to bring that idea to national attention. Although this whole change of power is still very new, we cannot be sure what we might face over the next four years.

As always, OOIDA will have its best and brightest fighting for the rights of truckers across our nation.