Watch out for Pokémon Go players

By Tyson Fisher, staff writer

Why is everyone talking about Pokémon again?

Recently, an app called Pokémon Go was released to the digital world. It’s an interactive game where users access their phone’s camera and GPS to catch Pokémon characters that are hidden literally everywhere. Much like a navigation app, Pokémon Go displays a map of where you are. Users have to look for Pokémon characters that are all over the map (literally), get near them, and then catch them.

On the surface, this seems like a harmless and fun app that allows its users to actively engage in a 21st-century version of the popular Gameboy game. However, it has turned into a dangerous adventure pursued by people who are walking – and DRIVING – while staring at a screen searching for fictional characters.

As The Wall Street Journal reported, . Not only are people just not paying attention to simple “hazards” like fire hydrants, but Pokémon characters are being found in dangerous locations, such as the edge of a subway. Bruises and sprained ankles are punishing irresponsible Pokémon Go users.

Millions more are now fixated on a game that has essentially turned the landscape into an episode of The Walking Dead: people mindlessly roaming around completely oblivious to their surroundings.

Worse, people are taking this game on the road … in their cars … while they are driving. All in search of one thing. In this case, it’s Pokémon characters and not brains. Although I’d argue that maybe they should be on a quest for brains.