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By Bryan 'Boss Man' Martin, contributing writer

OOIDA Member Cliff King is a “detail man.” His Peterbilt 386 was over 18 months in the research-and-designing phase as he evaluated darn near every aspect of it to achieve his vision for the perfect rig.

The 2014 Peterbilt is indeed a working show truck, equipped with a Paccar MX engine, 18-speed transmission, and 3.42 rear diffs at 265-inch wheelbase to accommodate the 120-inch ICT sleeper.

Cliff’s company is Castle Rock Transportation, and he is based out of Brechin, Ontario. He has been hauling custom office furniture from Toronto to the southwestern U.S. for Verge Furniture Logistics for nearly 10 years now. Most of the Verge loads have 15 to 20 drops or more, and then he has a backhaul that takes him right back to Toronto. King runs a tight ship and goes to great lengths to keep his truck and trailer clean-clean-clean.

This truck was not the first custom-designed truck Cliff has done. So he was no stranger to the tedious research and development that a project like this would require. Being a visionary, Cliff’s previous truck was also a Pete 386, a 2008 model that was one of the very first 386s to be customized. It was the same paint color, but with a 102-inch ICT sleeper.

Cliff says this 2014 truck build was soooo worth the wait, and when asked what he would like to change about the Pete, he smiles and says: “Nothin’. I don’t think it could’ve came out any better than this one.”

You can immediately sense the contentment and pride he has for his machine.

When it comes to the exterior, some of Cliff’s favorite things are the 120-inch bunk he had always wanted; the Valley Chrome front bumper; the upgraded exhaust stacks; the outdoor entertainment center; the one-off metal fabrication that was done on his cab entry boxes; exhaust elbows and stacks; and the fact that because of all the thought that went into the layout of the truck, every custom built feature or accessory has a specific place and purpose.

I assure you, the outdoor entertainment center is like none you have ever seen on a semi-truck before. Equipped with a grill, refrigerator, countertop, TV/DVD, surround sound and accent lighting, it would rival some household patio outdoor kitchens.

Moving to the interior of the truck, it is as impressive as the outside. The larger bed, roomy shower (with soft water; the truck is equipped with water softener), custom lighting, and all the meticulous details, quality and workmanship of the wood trim and sleeper amenities are some of Cliff’s faves.

With just one look at the interior of this truck, you instantly appreciate how incredibly well everything flows and one feature complements another. When you see the inside of the cab-sleeper, it gives the appearance of a professionally designed decorative home interior – very nice indeed.

King has been involved in trucking for 25-plus years, is a great gentleman to visit with, and represents our industry well. He wanted to work with what he believed to be the right source in the truck up-fitting, accessorizing and design companies to create his dream machine.

With the help of Matt at Peterbilt of Waterloo, Ontario; Charlie and the gang at ICT Sleepers; Carl at Rockwood Products; the crew at 4 State Trucks; Valley Chrome Plating; Lincoln Chrome; Panelite; and others – he gets to drive his dream machine every day. Cliff also wants to thank Ron Verge for keeping him in business doing what he loves, knocking down a few miles in his home away from home. LL