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On a budget

By Bryan 'Boss Man' Martin, contributing writer

Like most truckin' projects these days, Scott Diller of Lanita Transfer had a budget in mind when he was assembling this 2015 KW. Problem is … the budget was used up by about week three of the 12-week build. Building a truck or for some other reason, most know what it feels like when the budget is shot.

I was drawn to this truck the first time I saw it at the Mid-America Trucking Show in 2015, as it is definitely the style I prefer and it quickly lured me in.

This exceptional W900L has abundant appeal because of all the painstaking lengths taken to make it look like a late '80s KW rather than a 2015.

Don't misunderstand, I like the ultramodern, wild paint, insane metalwork, heavy fender'd , custom interior rigs with tons of ground effect lights too. But, the early school look is a timeless style loved by nearly every multi-generational trucker.

Nothing exotic or wild was done to detract from the '80s retro theme.

The original-style exhaust pipes rather than chrome straight stacks; painted breathers instead of shiny ones; only five cab lights; stock sun visor; the fact that it is not an AeroCab and is equipped with the refurbished Aero 1 sleeper.

Hogebuilt stainless half fenders; a Texas-style front chrome bumper; a one-piece, full-width rear light bar; mufflers with heat shields - all of these features are from the earlier era of truck customization.

At 300 inches of wheelbase with no side extension panels on the sleeper, in addition to the cool stance when the 12 gauge front air suspension is dumped, the classic colors and somewhat simplistic paint stripe design, this Kenworth is a trucker's truck.

Scott wanted to recognize the hard work of Charlie Klopp who completely rebuilt and upgraded the used sleeper for this truck. And the guys at Hoover Truck and Equipment for assembling the basic glider. Then it went to River City for paint and ETC for additional trim work. Everyone's efforts and attention to quality was impressive.

Lastly, but certainly not least, let's give a shout out to Josh Reed, who is one of Diller's top drivers. Scott is indeed proud to have Josh piloting this impressive combo.

Keep an eye open for Lanita's award winning units, as they move freight across all 48 states with a fleet of about 40 trucks. Some are company units like this one, but they also keep many lease operators rolling too.

As the old saying goes "Budgets weren't made to be broken," but gee whiz … just once, it'd be nice to have a truck built and still have some budget left at the end. Naw… It'll never happen! LL