Who gives a crap?

By Tilden Curl, life member

Why do so many people seem to operate every day as if big-picture issues aren’t important?

My focus has been (mostly) on trucking issues in the last so many years. We are many in the trucking industry. We are a large group that could have a large impact. Yet it is not our numbers that is the problem. It’s our lack of ambition to make a difference. For the most part, it seems that we are more comfortable complaining to each other than to anyone who can make a difference.

How many of us actually know who our representatives are? We are supposed to be by the people, of the people, and for the people. What does it take to focus our criticism on a productive solution? In the trucking industry, we have resources to easily voice our opinion, and one of the easiest is FightingForTruckers.com.

I want to challenge every trucker out there to step up and make a difference. Be heard! Whatever your opinion is, share it with your lawmakers. We don’t have to agree. We need to have that discussion in public and with our representatives. Our destinies should not be decided by those who have the most wealth. To borrow an old analogy, we are like a bundle of sticks. Individually, we may not have much strength, but together we are very strong. We can make a difference if we collectively speak out.

That leads me full circle. Who gives a crap? Who will make the steps to be heard? Who will stop complaining to people who can’t make a difference and start a dialog with those who can make a difference? What research will we need to know the truth? Will we allow someone else to tell us what WE should do or think? Do we owe it to the industry and each other to leave things better than we found it?

I urge everyone to join in the conversation and become proactive. Armed with facts and not simply opinion, we can start to fix the mess the trucking industry is becoming. If we don’t, in the near future we will all be looking for a job with anyone that will hire us. You can start by going to FightingForTruckers.com and letting your representatives hear from you. It is really easy. Let’s make a difference for the future. LL