OOIDA election: Why vote?

By Robert Elser, OOIDA Life Member
Taylor, Mich.

I hear that question all the time. My vote does not count is the common response. I am only one person. Let me take a moment to explain what we like to refer to as the “power of one.”

The “power of one” at OOIDA is that small-business trucker or driver who steps forward and puts his money down to become a member of the largest trucker association in the United States. Without that “one” member and thousands of others with the same mindset, OOIDA would not be the recognized leader for the industry it is today.

How did OOIDA achieve this status? Along with dedicated leadership, a Board of Directors has provided invaluable input and support in helping to guide OOIDA. Where do these board members come from? They come from those who became “the power of one” and signed up with OOIDA.

Each and every full member of the board of directors begins as an alternate and is nominated and elected by the membership.

Our board members come from a variety of trucking backgrounds and all areas of this country and Canada.

So back to the question “why vote?” The Nomination Election Committee presents a slate of highly qualified candidates. It is up to you to select the candidates who you think will best represent your interests as a small-business trucker or driver to further the goals of OOIDA.

Exercise your “power of one” as a member of OOIDA and vote in the OOIDA Board of Directors alternate election. LL

Editor’s note: Bob Esler has been an OOIDA member since 1978 and currently serves on the Board of Directors as secretary. He is chairman of the Nomination Election Committee. More about the election in this issue.