2014 Legislative Guide
Take part in the process

Reach out

It’s a big election year in most statehouses across the country and in Washington, D.C. It is likely to create some urgency among elected officials to reach out to their constituents as they work to secure votes for the fall. This year’s legislative efforts are certain to be especially critical to the way you conduct your trucking business – an opportunity to use to your advantage. Issues likely to receive attention in state legislatures across the country include transportation funding, tolls, fees and fuel taxes.

By Keith Goble, state legislative editor

During the past year OOIDA members have logged countless hours at all levels of government to help ensure any changes made that affect the trucking industry are fair.

Examples include Ohio owner-operators Scott Grenerth and Gordon Johnson who spoke at their statehouse against a bill to prohibit trucks from left lanes. Tilden Curl of Olympia, Wash., testified at a federal hearing in D.C. on hours-of-service regulations. Leo Wilkins of St. Charles, Mich., took FMCSA Administrator Anne Ferro for a ride-along to give her a clearer sense of the issues facing truckers.

Be tuned in

Here are some easy steps to make your concerns known to those who shape your state and federal laws.

If you are an OOIDA member and don’t know who your elected officials are or how to contact them, you can call the Association’s Membership Department at 800-444-5791 and they will look it up for you.

It’s a good idea to monitor ooida.com, landlinemag.com and landlinenow.com or tune in to “Land Line Now” on Sirius XM for updates on legislative action in your state and in Congress. For in-depth coverage and a state-by-state accounting of action that relates to your business, read “OOIDA’s State Watch” in every issue of Land Line Magazine.

If you become aware of a proposal in your home state that would affect trucking, call Land Line at 800-444-5791 and ask State Legislative Editor Keith Goble to place it on the Association’s watch list. LL

Others have sought change on a broader level in recent years by running for elected offices. Tom Fidger sits on the Littlerock, Calif., city council and Lou Esposito serves on the Princetown, N.Y., town board. Scott Cadle will soon begin his second year in the West Virginia House of Delegates.

On the following pages, Land Line provides tried-and-true methods for staying informed and effectively communicating with elected officials. These tools and tips should put you in the best position to express your views on the issues. LL