Voters weigh in on transportation issues

By Keith Goble, state legislative editor

During the November elections voters in states around the country had their say on various transportation-related initiatives. Land Line tracked 250 measures overall covering statewide, county and local ballot initiatives. Here is a state-by-state breakdown of how some key initiatives fared on ballots.

Measure BB: Alameda County
Whether to double the one-half cent transportation sales tax. The 30-year, $7.8 billion initiative would be used to fix potholes, improve roads and freeways, and expand public transit throughout the county........ PASSED

Amendment 4: Statewide
Whether to amend the state’s constitution to allow for the investment of public funds into a yet-to-be-created transportation infrastructure bank. In addition, it would set up a revolving loan program for municipalities to borrow for road improvements........ FAILED

Question 1: Statewide
Whether to amend the state constitution to create a “lockbox” to secure revenue from fuel taxes, vehicles sales tax and registration fees, and transit fees for transportation purposes......... PASSED

Question 1: Statewide
Would reverse a state law that ties the state’s fuel tax rate to inflation, which allows for regular increases............. PASSED

Measure 88: Statewide
Whether to overturn a 2013 state law to make four-year personal driver licenses available to residents unable to prove they are in the country legally........ PASSED

Question 6: Statewide
Whether to authorize borrowing $35 million to move forward with a variety of upgrades that include repairs to the Providence train station, expanded bus service on popular routes and better links between the city’s airport and train station........ PASSED

Proposition 1: Statewide
Would authorize rerouting half of the state’s oil and gas severance tax revenue from the state’s Rainy Day Fund to the state highway fund. It is estimated at $1.4 billion in the first year........ PASSED

Question 1: Fairfax County
Would authorize a $100 million bond referendum to help finance $1.4 billion in transportation projects during the next six years......... PASSED

Question 1: Statewide
Whether to require all fuel tax and vehicle fee revenue to be used only for the state’s transportation system........ PASSED