Association News
OOIDA’s 40th birthday bash

By Land Line staff

The word has spread fast that OOIDA is having a heckuva big party. The Association will host its 40th anniversary celebration Oct. 18-19 at the Kansas Speedway in Kansas City, KS.

What’s happening? The event will feature a show truck competition, live music, games, educational seminars, vendors and much more. A full schedule of events is still being developed, so be sure to visit the website often as additional special announcements and details will be posted in the near future.

Who all’s coming? OOIDA’s “Land Line Now” radio show host, Mark Reddig, is not a guy easily flabbergasted. But he talked to so many people at the Mid-America Trucking Show in March who said they were planning on attending OOIDA’s 40th birthday bash, he was amazed.

“It seems that every trucker at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium parking lot on Saturday night is coming,” he said. “In fact, I do not recall anyone who was not planning on it. It was all just a big ‘see you there.’”

One of those truckers was Senior Member Scott Grenerth and he’s already preregistered. Grenerth, an owner-operator from Arlington, OH, has his own reasons for looking forward to the event and it’s all about celebrating the staying power of owner-operator truckers.

“I’ll be there to celebrate the successes we have had as a whole, the organization, and the members working to defend our rights out there and to speak up for drivers,” he said. “Saying ‘we are still here,’ owner-operators have made it, despite all the challenges and we are celebrating that fact.”

Some members, like Life Member Danny Schnautz of Pasadena, TX, say they are coming to be part of a trucker-friendly crowd with a common bond of membership.

Danny says he values and appreciates OOIDA even more with his heart than with his head. He will be headed to the Kansas Speedway in October in hopes to finally meet Jim Johnston and to socialize with other members of the Association.

“Trucking has but one champion, OOIDA,” he says. “For truckers, by truckers.”

Other members look forward to meeting the OOIDA staff they have worked with over the phone and by email for many years. Some plan to pick up souvenirs of the OOIDA 40th birthday party, and some hope to see friends they’ve not talked to in a while.

Members Greg and Susan White are veteran professionals from Valley View, TX, and both currently drive for Walmart’s private fleet.

“It’s history. And we are part of it. We are so excited about coming,” says Susan. “We’ve already picked out a hotel and are planning to see some sights around Kansas City.” LL