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OOIDA membership elects five alternates to Board of Directors

Every two years, OOIDA’s voting members cast ballots to elect alternates to the Association’s Board of Directors. In February, Robert Esler, chairman of OOIDA’s Nomination-Election Committee, announced the names of the newly elected alternates. Steve Bixler, Johanne Couture, Keith Jibben, Dick Pingel and Bryan Spoon will be sworn in at the Association’s Spring Board Meeting.

Steve Bixler is an OOIDA senior member from Valley View, PA. He has been a member since 2001, and at 55 he’s an owner-operator with his own authority. Steve currently hauls sand in a pneumatic tank and potatoes in a reefer. Steve believes that every group, no matter how large or small, needs to have representatives to convey their beliefs and goals. Steve is ready to go to work doing just that.

Johanne Couture is from Brockville, Ontario, Canada. She is 43, has been in the trucking industry for more than 17 years, and has been a member of OOIDA since 2005. Johanne is an owner-operator leased to a carrier and currently hauls liquid chemicals. She is an energetic person who brings the board a voice from the Great White North, plus she’s ready to contribute to the board by offering a female view of the industry.

Keith Jibben, 59, says his farm and trucking business are in Milbank, SD. He resides in nearby Graceville, MN. He joined OOIDA in 1989 and is a life member. Keith is an owner-operator leased to a small carrier. He hauls RGN and stepdeck freight in the U.S. and Canada. Keith says he will be a benefit to the board because he “walks the walk and talks the talk” when it comes to industry experience, knowledge and safety.

Dick Pingel, Plover, WI, is an owner-operator. He is 59 and is an OOIDA life member. Dick is leased to a carrier and hauls LTL refrigerated freight. When it comes to positivity – Dick Pingel is “loaded for bear.” Dick says for 30 years he has dedicated himself to pushing a truthful and positive image of truck drivers. He brings his passion for the industry to the OOIDA board, in addition to an ability to look at diverse aspects of trucking.

Bryan Spoon, Grandy, NC, is 40 years old and has been an OOIDA member since 2004. He is a third-generation trucker and is currently an owner-operator with his own authority. He hauls general flatbed freight. He is recently retired from the U.S. Navy Reserves as a Chief Petty Officer (E-7) – U.S. Navy Seabees. Bryan thinks it’s his generation’s turn to step up, take the wisdom learned from experienced truckers, and move forward with it. LL