Roses & Razzberries

By Terry Scruton, Land Line Now senior correspondent

ROSES to Amy Dodson, daughter of OOIDA employee Sylvia Dodson, who visited OOIDA headquarters in May with a special surprise for Truckers for Troops. Amy, a sophomore in college, presented a donation of $210 she collected as part of a community service project for a class she was taking.

She and five other students participated in the class and helped to raise the money, and Amy herself came by to present the check.

We tend to only think of Truckers for Troops around the holidays when we have the fundraiser, but our troops are fighting overseas every day of the year. It’s good to see young people like Amy step up and keep the love going all year long. 

ROSES to the group of plaintiffs who stood up to the Virginia DOT in a lawsuit arguing that the state could not impose tolls on two existing tunnels – which were already paid for – in order to pay for a third tunnel.

The group – which included numerous truckers and small trucking companies – filed the suit last year after the state announced its plans. Thankfully, a judge agreed that the tolls amounted to taxes and that the state was in violation of its own constitution in trying to impose the tolls.

Of course the state attorney general plans to appeal, so let’s hope those plaintiffs are willing to continue the fight. We’ll be here if they do, with more ROSES ready to go.

A big, big bunch of ROSES goes out to Joanne Palladino, the companion of late OOIDA general vice president and board member Robert E. Driscoll Jr. Joanne made a surprise appearance at the recent meeting of the OOIDA Board of Directors and made an even bigger surprise presentation: She gave $10,000 dollars to the OOIDA Mary Johnston Scholarship Fund. I wasn’t there, but I hear most in the room were stunned and rightfully so. That’s a tremendous gift. And between that and the generous donation from Shell at MATS last month, a lot of kids are going to get a good start to their education.

Julie Macht – a woman who is neither a truck driver nor an OOIDA member – wants to send out some ROSES to the mystery driver who helped her and her daughter when they were caught up in a bad accident during a snowstorm back in March.

Julie was driving her daughter back to college in North Dakota after spring break and got caught up in a fast-moving storm. Long story short, they ended up in a ditch with several other cars in heavy snow with traffic coming up behind them. Worried about more cars adding to the mess, Julie called 911 several times and was told help would come, although it would take two hours before it got there.

Thankfully for Julie and her daughter, a mysterious truck driver pulled up behind the wreck, turned on his lights and flashers to warn approaching vehicles, and stayed there the entire two hours until help arrived.

Julie never got the trucker’s name, but she wanted to send out a big thank you to whoever it was. So if that person is reading, thank you from Julie and from us for a good deed well done.  

RAZZBERRIES to Pilot Flying J and their fuel rebate scandal. Starting with the fact that they even attempted to pull off such a thing in the first place. For anyone who has been under a rock, it goes like this:

Pilot Flying J cooked up this fuel rebate program in which trucking companies would sign up to buy fuel from Pilot Flying J and in turn would get a rebate. Trouble is, the rebates were manipulated and many companies didn’t get as much as they were promised.

Execs at Pilot Flying J were caught on tape allegedly targeting companies they thought were not smart enough to catch on and, if they did, they blamed it on a computer glitch. Even worse, they targeted Hispanic companies because the language barrier made it easier to screw them over.

This whole thing has sparked an FBI investigation, not to mention multiple civil lawsuits. CEO Jimmy Haslam has been trying to make things right by paying back some of the companies, but making the company’s reputation all rosy again won’t be easy. LL


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