A lesson in resourcefulness
Owning and operating an older model truck can teach you plenty

By Jeff Barker, Land Line contributor

As truck owners rediscover older model trucks, they are also learning how to sharpen their maintenance skills and find economical ways to keep the truck running efficiently.

Scott Albright, an OOIDA member from Grand Rapids, Mich, has been driving for over 25 years. Not long ago, he was driving a 2011 model truck and became tired of the repeated visits to the shop. He also got tired of the less than stellar 4 miles per gallon that he was getting, not to mention the cost of the diesel exhaust fluid he needed to run it.

In September 2012, Scott decided to ditch the lemon and take a ride back in time by purchasing this 1986 Kenworth K100 cabover. Ever since then, he has been learning as he goes through this truck’s mechanicals to keep it up to doing the job. He understands the idea of reducing downtime by getting the parts and doing his own work whenever it’s practical.

Equipped with a Cummins Big Cam 400-horsepower engine, a 13-speed transmission, and 3:73 rear ends (as far as he can guess), Scott has enough power to get his oversize loads down the road with his 53-foot step deck trailer. He has been enjoying the better than 6.3 miles per gallon with this truck and the nostalgic aspects as well. He travels throughout the Midwestern states, into the northeast, and occasionally as far away as Texas.

As time goes on, Scott is also learning about where to get parts for his old truck. That alone can be a test in resourcefulness, but he is proving to be up to the challenge. LL