Roses & Razzberries

By Terry Scruton, Land Line Now senior correspondent

OOIDA Member C.J. Morris of Kansas City, KS, would like to send some ROSES to the folks at FedEx freight for their efforts to honor her brother, Earl Frazier, who passed away last year.

Earl was a driver for FedEx Freight. Four men from the company – including two of his bosses – not only came to his funeral, but lined up and led the funeral procession in Earl’s truck.

C.J. said that Earl was also a motorcycle enthusiast. One of Earl’s bosses, Scott Winstead, also drives a Harley, and he rode with some of Earl’s friends in the procession.

We didn’t know Earl, but we can’t imagine a nicer sendoff and we’re happy to send a special delivery of ROSES to the folks at FedEx Freight for going out of their way to make it even better.

ROSES to OOIDA Member Roy Olds of Dubuque, IA, for speaking out against the ATA and other groups claiming that a driver shortage exists within the trucking industry. Roy made his statement in an article that ran in the Minneapolis Star Tribune in January.

The article first quoted folks from the ATA as saying the driver shortage is “acute” and could “explode in the next decade.” But Roy called them on that statement later in the article, saying that the ATA’s numbers are bogus, and that trucking companies “want to fill seats” and are “hiring people with no experience and then they’re cycling through them.”

So credit to Roy for telling it like it is and ROSES to the Star Tribune for running a balanced story on the driver shortage issue.

OOIDA Senior Member Tinker Raasch wants to send some ROSES to Con-Way Freight for helping her to send relief supplies to victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Tinker organized a toy and clothing drive to help get these items to needy families in time for the holidays. She worked with businesses in Nebraska and Colorado to set up collection points. In Colorado, a full pallet of toys was collected. And in Nebraska, it was a pallet of clothes.

That’s when Con-Way stepped up and offered to haul the pallets to Staten Island, NY, in mid-December.

This was a wonderful gesture for Con-Way, though it’s hardly surprising because they are kind of known for that sort of thing. ROSES to them for sure, but I think we also have to give some ROSES to Tinker herself for starting this drive in the first place and to everyone else who helped her make it happen.

Land Line reader John Marranca sends a pickup truckload of ROSES to a waitress at the Petro in Little Rock, AR. John was having some back pain one day back in December, and by the time he hit the showers at the Petro it was unbearable, leaving him unable to stand up straight. He managed to get dressed and make it into the travel center to seek help.

After talking to a few people, the waitress helped John find a chiropractor and even drove him there in her own vehicle, waited for him, and brought him back to the Petro when he was done.

John says she not only saved the day and saved his load, but saved his back, too. 

RAZZBERRIES to KEPR, a CBS television affiliate out of Pasco, WA, for a story it did not long ago on the dangers of big, bad evil trucks.

The story was supposed to be about using high-tech gadgets to enforce hours-of-service regulations on potentially tired truckers. But we can’t begin to count the number of things this story got wrong, starting with the regs themselves. Just for the record, KEPR TV, truckers do not drive for “eleven hours on the road, every single day for two weeks.” That would be illegal. And insane.

The story does quote one trucker. He says he wants to protect his life as much as anyone else, so he’s going to make sure to take care of priority number one. That sounds fair, but the story then goes on to imply that he said other things, like how truck drivers can push past the 11-hour drive limit and endanger themselves and everyone else on the road.

You know what’s also dangerous? A constant stream of news reports with wrong or misleading information that can give people the wrong idea and send them out onto the roads with bad ideas about how they should drive around trucks. LL


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