Speed up cars, slow down trucks?

By Jack McComb, OOIDA Life Member, Littleton, Colo.

Once again truckers are finding themselves caught between two government agencies. The trend seems to be that many states are finding their way clear to raise the speed limits. Illinois, Ohio and, most recently, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin either have or are considering raising the speed limits on rural roadways. On the other hand, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration continues with their rulemaking efforts to mandate speed limiters on commercial trucks.

OOIDA has been a longtime opponent of split speed limits and has worked hard to eliminate this safety hazard in numerous states. Common sense warns us that vehicles moving at different speeds on the same roadway can only lead to unsafe situations and road rage. How often have you seen four-wheelers weaving in and out of slower moving traffic, creating accidents looking for a place to happen?

Although there is no data to support any safety benefits to mandating speed limiters on trucks, NHTSA continues their rulemaking efforts. In essence this would create split speed limits in 35 of the states that already have speed limits greater than 65 mph. It is so amazing the things that our governing officials do under the guise of safety when the facts scream otherwise. LL